Brawler’s Guild Level One Fights

Brawler’s Guild Guide Level 1 Fights

This will be a guide giving short descriptions of each fight you will encounter at level 1 in the Brawler’s Guild.  I will also list each mobs abilities and a short description.  All of the fights have an enrage timer, some being irrelevant and others down the road being a race against the clock.


In the first level you will have to fight the following opponents:



LVL 92 Elite 1,580,970 hp

Echoing in my realm Brawler’s Guild is the constant “get Bruced”….. don’t want to get Bruced people!


Chomp Chomp Chomp – AVOID THIS!!!!  3 chomps that will do 475k – 525k damage

Ice Trap – Slows you if you are within 10 yards to 50% speed

Powerful Bite – Reduces armor by 20% for 10 seconds and does moderate damage


This is a very easy fight for any class, both melee and casters.  All you have to do basically is to stay away from his mouth.  You should down the boss with ease and well before the enrage timer.



Vian the Volatile

LVL 92 Elite 2,023,644 hp


Volatile Flames – AVOID THIS!!!!  Summons a moving flame that hits for 100k.  If Vian the Volatile touches this he will get a buff increasing his damage output.

Fire Line – AVOID THIS!!!!  Sends out a line of fire that does 71k – 78k damage, plus gives you a DOT that causes 37k – 43k damage

Lava Burst – Blast that hits for 23k – 26k

Ice Trap – Being within 10 yards slows you by 50% movement speed


This is a very easy fight for any class, both melee and casters.  DON’T STAND IN FIRE.  You should down the boss with ease and well before the enrage timer.




LVL 92 Elite 1,686,368 hp


Charge marked by RED CIRCLE – AVOID THIS!!!!  Goredome will charge to the red circle on the ground.  Stay out of the red circles, even a tank class cannot take a single hit from the charge.

Ice Trap – Being within 10 yards slows you by 50% movement speed


This is a very easy fight for any class, both melee and casters.  DON’T STAND IN THE RED CIRCLE.  You should down the boss with ease and well before the enrage timer.



Dungeon Master Vishas

LVL 92 Elite 1,475,572 hp


Heated Pokers – AVOID THIS!!!!  46k – 53k on melee strike

Naughty Secrets – Interrupt!!!!  13k- 16k damage and debuff that increases shadow damage by 150% for 1 minute

Entrapment – You become rooted for 4 seconds

Ice Trap – Being within 10 yards slows you by 50% movement speed


This is an easy fight for most classes, both melee and casters.  INTERRUPT Naughty Secrets.  You should down the boss with ease and well before the enrage timer..

Brawler’s Guild Pass

Looking for how to invite your friends to the Brawler’s Guild in Mists of Pandaria?   Well pay no attention to any posts that you might come across saying that you get 10 invites a day once you reach level 7.  What you get is one single invitation, which you can mail, trade, or auction off.  The value of the Brawler’s Guild Pass is very likely to quickly diminish so if you are going for the latter you better act fast.  Screenshots below.  Getting to level seven in the Brawler’s Guild is actually quite challenging. There is a mix of mechanics to get down and fairly quick enrage timers to deal with.  Those in tank specs you will find yourself hard pressed to put out the DPS on a couple of the fights up to rank 7.  For anyone trying to rank up ask around to find a group or start one yourself to share buffs.  Just a slight edge might be what you need to hang onto your last bit of health or to beat the enrage timers.



wow mop brawlers guild pass reward at level 7.


Logitech G700 Gaming Laser Mouse

Logitech G700 Gaming Laser Mouse

Finally a usable gaming mouse without 5 trillion buttons jammed close together.  The Logitech G700 has just the right amount of buttons to make playing enjoyable and control thoughtless.  With 13 programmable, easy to access buttons ready to be pressed at a split second’s notice the Logitech in my opinion is near flawless.  One of my favorite features included with this mouse and higher end Logitech products is the Logitech Setpoint Software.  With this mouse you have the ability to choose the function of each of these buttons and then assign your layout to a profile.  The mouse can store up to 5 different profiles which are accessed through a single button on the top of the mouse.  This makes it a breeze for having a custom experience on more than one game or program.


The Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse has the following features:

  • 13 programmable controls (controls have macro capability)
  • 5 profile storage in onboard memory
  • Dual-mode scroll (click-to-click and free-spin)
  • 1,000 reports per second wireless with nano receiver
  • High resolution gaming laser 200-5,700 dpi
  • 12 megapixels/second
  • 30G3 acceleration
  • Operates on AA rechargeable battery or USB power cable
  • Comfortable shape
  • Smooth gliding feet tested durability 250 kilometers (so you know when to take a break)


WOW Challenge Accepted



wow challenge, maybe I went too far.


Maybe I went a little too far on this one, but it’s just so much fun.  I don’t think easily ganking a low level toon is as exciting as knowing they are going to be bringing friends or switching to their best character to fight.  With the latest set of patches, now on World of Warcraft patch 5.0.5, world PVP has come to new heights.  The combination of removing guild summons and making most zones cross realm has brought new life into boring flights across empty zones.  I wasn’t a fan at first, but if Blizzard can fix a few cross realm glitches I feel like it might be an improvement.

EDIT: After waiting about 5 minutes, the person’s main rolled in.  I DID NOT FEEL STUPID. LOL.

Singing Sunflower Pet:Someone Set up the Pumpkin Bomb

Getting the Singing Sunflower pet:  Someone Set up the Pumpkin Bomb quest.  This is the first of the plants vs. zombies tower defense style mini game that will probably give people some trouble and also the second to last before getting the Singing Sunflower pet.  Here is a video of me successfully completing the quest so that you can see my strategy first hand.





The player builds defenses purchased by collecting sunlight, the glowing orbs that periodically drop.  You can increase your sunlight by placing sunflowers down.  This is the key to success.

Sunflower:  grants additional sunlight drops

Spitter:  attack plant

Freezya:  slows zombie attack and movement speed

Strangler:  eliminates one zombie in its path

Rock Nut:  barrier stopping zombie’s movement until it is broken down

Pumpkin Bomb:  powerful area bomb damaging all zombies in its radius

Lawn Mower:  Auto defense on loss of a row



2 back rows – Sunflowers

1 row –  Freezyas

3 or more rows – Spitters

Front row – Rock Nuts.

What to do Before Mists of Pandaria

What are some things to do before the expansion?  I’m sure many players find themselves asking that question with so many of the available items becoming less valuable by the week.  PVE and PVP gear is going to dwarf in comparison to the green items gotten from questing in Mists of Pandaria.

I would say the first few things on your agenda should be to check your professions for items that can still be crafted to gain skill points.  Those are the colored items in your profession list, not the grey ones for noobs out there.  Next figure out what mats you will need for those items.  A few cheap skill gains might be made before having to switch to the newer mats, which will be hard to come by in the early days of Mists of Pandaria.  For those crafty enough and willing to take a few moments this could be a valuable time and gold saver.  Start checking the auction house now for deals on what you will need and make sure you don’t go too overboard.

If you are like me and still have some Cataclysm quests that you can perform, it might be wise to do these a couple of days before release until you have a quest log full of things to turn in.  Come expansion release date just fly the area turning these in and reap the fast experience.

Mount drops might change slightly in drop rate for newer raids like the Fall of Deathwing.  If you are trying for these mounts, make sure you get those last tries in before the expansion release.  I would guess that the really old raids and dungeons will remain the same drop rate.

Possible sources of income arise when a new expansion is released.  Players can farm mats and craft items for hefty rewards.  Just don’t forget that with a new race come new toons.  That means people leveling new professions and a possible way to make extra gold if you spend the time to gather and collect those materials needed.

It would be a wise thing to finish up any rounds of dailies now before the new ones arrive.  With Mists of Pandaria I’m sure there will be new ones, and you can only complete so many each day.  Also, you might want to be spending your time in the new areas.

With prior expansions players lost their conquest and valor points by conversion to honor and justice points.  It could be a nice head start to cap your lower point systems out at 4k and spend those extra points you have laying around on anything you can sell.

For those looking for yet something else to do there are always achievements.  Sure some of these might be easier at a higher level, but it might be a long time before you get bored enough with new content to go back.

Lastly I would say to remember to have fun, that’s what this game is all about anyways.  There will soon be plenty of stress from wiping on new raids and dungeons, leveling toons, and leveling professions.  It would be much healthier of an experience to go into Mists of Pandaria after a few weeks of just plain fun.  Maybe gank the opposite side, transmog runs, or help out some newbies.  Whatever it is to you, just have some fun..

WOW Pandaren Racial Traits

Blizzard Entertainment has pulled out all of the stops in customization with the newest World of Warcraft race the Pandaren.  The newest wow race boasts 19 hairstyles, 14 skin colors, 21 faces, and 31 facial hair styles for the male characters giving a massive bit of customizing to the character creation process and in game appearance.  Female Pandaren will even have the ability to choose from 6 styles of earrings during their creation.  This is becoming a trend from Blizzard with the release of transmog before this new race that’s loaded with customizing options.  I think they are finally starting to get in touch with players wanting to look and feel original in a game so heavily populated by others.

The Pandaren will feature some very nice racial features among them being able to choose 7 of the available classes becoming a Monk, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Hunter, Priest, and Shaman.  Racial Traits of the Pandaren will be a slight buff on cooking skill raising your proficiency by 15 skill points.  Pandaren will get an OP double the stats from well fed effects buff.  Yeah, I said it might be slightly overpowered compared to some of the other racial traits currently.  Rested experience will last twice as long as the Inner Peace racial trait.  Bouncy will give players a 50% reduction in fall damage.  Lastly the Pandaren will have a stun called Quaking Palm, striking a single target and incapacitating them for 4 seconds.

From the looks of things at the moment Pandaren will be a very solid class for those going that are going to soon be leveling come Mists of Pandaria.  Alliance and Horde alike will be able to choose this character type making for an interesting new twist on things..

Massive Battlenet Security Breach

A huge security breach was detected on servers recently admitted by Blizzard Entertainment.  Details of the user data compromised is available on blizzard’s website and is said to include the following information; user email addresses for users outside of China, personal security questions, and information about Mobile and Dial-In Authenticators.  Also mentioned in this brief outline of possible damages done to player’s security were the cryptographically scrambled versions of passwords on the North American servers.

Although this information is scrambled and is said to require individual deciphering to reveal the passwords, I would say now is a great time to log in and change yours.  Also noted was an upcoming update for the mobile authenticator app.  To be extra safe it might not be a bad idea to unlink your Authenticator and attach a new one to your account for Mobile Authenticator users.  From start to finish this takes only a few minutes and might save you from having a VERY BAD DAY!  Blizzard has said in their outline that physical Authenticator users should remain safe from this breach of data with their analysis thus far.

Yet another reminder for users of all sites and games to make sure their password is different for every website and application.  A loss of information or attack at one website will not compromise your email, PayPal, Facebook, and other accounts by taking this simple step.  Watch out for phishing emails in the coming weeks, and always be aware of where you are going when clicking links in emails.  Some of the phishing emails can redirect your click to elaborate clones of popular websites making you appear that you are logging into a legitimate one..

How to Get The Tiny Shale Spider Pet

In Deepholm there is a cave located in the northern region, just below Therazane’s Throne that is home to the rare 85 mob Jadefang.  The pet has a 99% drop rate of Tiny Shale Spider pet.  Hunter’s may also tame this creature so that group of players will have a choice to make.  The only trick to this is getting to the mob.  Located deep inside of the cave there is a high tunnel which has no walking access.  You can’t mount inside, so you will have to use your imagination on how to get up there.  Once inside the tunnel follow the first loop around to the left where you will enter a large chamber.  To the left side you will see the upper tunnel.  There is a lower tunnel to the right, but that won’t lead to where Jadefang is.  Pictures will be provided below.

wow deephom jadefang location

wow deephom jadefang map location

Instructions on how to get up to the tunnel:

One method of getting into the tunnel is to accept the daily quest “Underground Economy” given by Ricket inside of the Crumbling Depths.  This will allow you to carry bombs, “Ricket’s Tickers,” which can propel you up into the air.  Once you get to the tunnel that Jadefang spawns inside you will need to use these bombs to rocket you high into the air hopefully landing on the ledge above.  You will need to be standing between the bomb and the tunnel entrance.  Repeatedly jumping might not hurt.  Thankfully you will have unlimited charges on Ricket’s Tickers.


wow deephom jadefang cave location entrance

wow deephom jadefang cave location entrance



wow deephom jadefang location cave

wow deephom jadefang location cave


wow deephom jadefang location cave

wow deephom jadefang location cave


wow deephom jadefang location cave

wow deephom jadefang location cave


Mysterious Camel Figurines

For those looking around in Uldum for the achievement and mount that comes with finding the right figurine here is an image of a map containing all of my known locations indicated as black dots . Finding the junk Mysterious Camel Figurines will leave you looting dust that sells for decent gold.   Finding the right Mysterious Camel Figurine will get you sucked into a whirlwind and transported to a modified version of the Steam Pools.  You will have to defeat a level 85 elite who drops the camel and will receive:

Scourer of The Eternal Sands – feat of strength

One Hump or Two? – achievement

The Camel-Hoarder – title

Grey Riding Camel – mount


wow uldum mysterious camel figurine locations map